How Will I Feel After an Emotion Code Healing Session?

Your experience will be unique to you.

But generally, people may report some of these feelings or sensations:

  • A sense of lightness, like a burden has been lifted from your shoulders
  • A feeling of being released from blocks that were preventing you from moving forward
  • Greater clarity, as if coming out of a fog
  • If deeper issues were released during the session, you might have vivid dreams
  • a slight increase in irritability
  • slight sleepiness
  • feeling more emotional

It’s also normal to have no annoying effects from releasing trapped emotions. But if you do experience any of the effects of releasing deeper issues, those effects pass in a few hours, or at most, a few days.

If your session was related to physical pain, you will often feel a reduction in the pain very quickly.

My clients who come to me to eliminate food cravings and lose weight, often report that their craving is immediately gone.

I have personally used the Emotion Code to eliminate food cravings and release weight. Even though I know how effective this modality is, I was really surprised at how quickly my own food cravings completely disappeared.

I had a lot of food triggers! If my favorite sweet treat was on sale, you better believe that I was putting it (not just 1 but many) in my grocery cart. Now I can pass through the bakery department without even THINKING about the foods that I just HAD to have a few months ago!

The bottom line is to practice good self-care after each Emotion Code session.  Pay attention to what your body is telling you it needs. Be patient and gentle with yourself. Avoid pushing yourself too hard. Notice the positive benefits you are experiencing.  Do some journaling, soak in a tub with scented bath salts, go to bed early.

Allow your body and spirit to adjust to the new-found freedom of releasing your emotional baggage!

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